HELP! Get a constant buzz!

I am new to this and I'm hoping to use an arduino and voiceshield combination for a charity project. I am using a basic joystick as the input and hope to triger various sounds when one of the 5 inputs is pressed. I have loaded a program which compiled and uploaded successfully however I get a buzz looping consistantly when ever I plug in speakers to the voiceshield unit?

Can anyone help?



I have loaded a program which compiled and uploaded successfully

What does the program look like? Psychic debugging is terribly difficult ;)

// *****************************************************************************************************************
// * *
// * AIC CLYDE *
// * *
// * Button Working *
// * *
// * *
// *****************************************************************************************************************
// MAY 2009
// VERSION 0.1

#include <VoiceShield.h> // Include the Voice Shield Library

VoiceShield vs(80); // Create a instance of the Voice Shield called “vs” with 80 sound slots

int pinval = 0;

void setup()
pinMode(0, INPUT);
pinMode(1, INPUT);
pinMode(6, INPUT);
pinMode(7, INPUT);
pinMode(8, INPUT);
pinMode(9, INPUT);
pinMode(10, INPUT);
pinMode(11, INPUT);
pinMode(12, INPUT);
pinMode(13, INPUT);


void loop()
pinval = digitalRead(0);
if (pinval == HIGH) vs.ISDPLAY(0);

pinval = digitalRead(1);
if (pinval == HIGH) vs.ISDPLAY(1);

pinval = digitalRead(6);
if (pinval == HIGH) vs.ISDPLAY(2);

pinval = digitalRead(7);
if (pinval == HIGH) vs.ISDPLAY(3);

pinval = digitalRead(8);
if (pinval == HIGH) vs.ISDPLAY(4);

pinval = digitalRead(9);
if (pinval == HIGH) vs.ISDPLAY(5);

pinval = digitalRead(10);
if (pinval == HIGH) vs.ISDPLAY(6);

pinval = digitalRead(11);
if (pinval == HIGH) vs.ISDPLAY(7);

pinval = digitalRead(12);
if (pinval == HIGH) vs.ISDPLAY(8);

pinval = digitalRead(13);
if (pinval == HIGH) vs.ISDPLAY(9);


Sorry for not uploading the code, it had been a long day and I must have forgot. Can anyone spot any obvious errors?


What are your inputs connected to? Is it possible your inputs are floating, and so lots of things are triggering? You're reading pins 0 and 1 - have you disconnected from the host? (I don't know anything about the shield in question - I'm just asking basic questions. Sorry if I'm preaching to the choir)