Help getting started with Aurduino, PCA9685 and Servos

Please forgive me if I am asking in the wrong place or requesting something you find to be ridiculous. The way I learn is by doing. Reading long articles is not the best way for me. I start by watching someone do something step by step then duplicate those steps and begin exploring how things work and why they work.

I am working with the following components:

  1. Arduino Mega
  2. PCA9685
  3. 4 Servos MG 996R DIGI HI TORQUE
  4. 5V Power Supply
  5. 9V Battery
  6. And of course I have Misc wires, breadboards, LED’s, Resistors, wire connectors etc.
  7. This will all be done using Apple Products: iMac, iPad, iPhones with my home wifi

What I am looking for is as follows:

  1. A Step by Step example of wiring all those components (preferably YouTube Video - I’m a visual learner)
  2. A “Sketch” using the Arduino software that moves each servo.

With 1 & 2 I can then play around and figure out the things I want to know.

After that - I do also want to know if and how I can make those servos work via bluetooth or wifi.

I sincerely thank anyone for their help and guidance.

Please post a wiring diagram.
You tell about 9 volt battery. That will not be enough, not good to do much. Servo powering is impossible.

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