Help getting started with TV out library

I’m trying to display some stuff to my NTSC TV with the TV Out library, but am getting nowhere. I have this simple program on my Decimillia Arduino -

#include <TVout.h>

TVout TV;

void setup () {
    TV.begin (NTSC, 120, 96);

void loop () {
    TV.draw_line (60, 20, 60, 76, WHITE);

I think I have it wired correctly, but nothing displays on the television. Does the TV have to be on a special setting for this to work?

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Check the wiring of your connector.

Check the output from the begin() function. You may be ignoring an error return!

Oops, you're right I should have been checking the output from TV.begin ( ) - since I'm using the Diecimillia I didn't have enough memory, reducing the y-resolution to 54 worked.