Help Getting Started

I am working on a project that would like to possibly use an Arduino system for. I am completey starting from scratch with the controller side of things though and would like a recommendation on how best to start. I would like to build a compliancy device for robot tooling that accounts for tool tilt angle, and force feedback. The force controlled with a pnuematic cylinder. I am thinking the force and tilt inputs would feed back to arduino??. Math would be done based on tool inertia and tilt then the controller would send analog out to servo-pneumatic valve to adjust air cyclinder pressure according to the inputs to close the loop and maintain a relatively constant force from the air cylinder. I have been looking at tutorials and seems like an IMU and the arduino with a force feed back sensor to start. How do i start with this?

The easiest board to start with is the Arduino Uno.

A tilt sensor is an accelerometer.
An accelerometer with analog output is easy to use.
But If you know how to write software and know I2C, I would suggest an digital sensor.

If you want to know which sensor go well with the Arduino, check these sites:

To measure the force, perhaps you could use a Load Cell ?

I don't know how big the servo-pneumatic valve should be, so I can't tell what is needed for that.

OK thanks. I'll prob just order some of the parts and start playing with it to get familiar. The servo system would require a 0-10vdc (scaled up from the arduino) and probably run on its own 24VDc power supply.