(HELP) Getting Wifi Modules Communicating

Hello All,

I'm in need of some serious help with my DIY project is having one Arduino connected to an ultrasonic distance sensor to measure the water level in a container and SEND that information to another Arduino Uno where the information will be either exported to a txt file or program such as labview.

I purchased two XBee XB24-AWI-001 WiFi modules in addition to two XBee shields in order to achieve this and I was hoping to get some general advice on where to look or what to do because I'm having trouble trying to get everything working correctly.

My big problem is figuring out how to actually get this interface to work properly. I was able to get the actual Wi-fi modules to connect to each other and send information back and forth through XTCU, however I can't seem to figure out how to properly code the Arduinos so that the information can be sent and received outside of the XTCU program and just between the two Arduino units. Any direction would be tremendously appreciated because I don't know whether the issue I'm facing is a lack of programming skill or just lack of general knowledge. So any help narrowing down where I should be looking or input would be tremendously helpful.