Help/Guidance!!!What to use? Encoders dont really help(wheels slippage)!

So I've been doing a lot of research on what I need to make a toy car go from point A to B then have it repeat it,the only solution I found that could help me on this project were Encoders but I had to rule that solution out because Slippage and or being picked up would mess up the Route to point B. I want the toy car to remember a path Manually or remotely then have it repeat it Precisely. Are there any sensors I could use to remember a path then repeat it? I'm using Aruino UNO rev3.

Thanks for the help guys:) thanks for pointing me in the right way

Slippage and/or being picked up will always be a problem for any sensor that senses the rotation of the driven wheels. You can possibly eliminate or at least reduce slippage error by sensing the rotation of a non-driven wheel. You might also consider an optical system that operates something like an optical mouse.

As for being picked up, well, the only answer there is to have external references that can be sensed to tell you where the car is.

If someone picks your car up and replaces it in the wrong place, no amount of 'remembering' will get it back to point B. Even a slight misplacement at point A or a slight bump in the road, over a long distance, could mean it doesn't get to point B by 'remembering' the route. Think about how difficult it is to score a 'strike' in 10 pin bowling where you can see the target (the pins). Now imagine being blindfolded and being spun around three times before you pick up the ball. You're never going to do it by 'remembering', but that is what you're asking of your car. Forget about remembering the route.

What you need is some sort of beacon at point B that your car can head towards, or a track/line for it to follow.