Help guiding me in the right direction

Yes I am new and hoping someone could help guide me in the right direction. My original plan was a solenoid motor (simple on/off) but it was bad when bench testing today so now I have to use a wiper motor for my sons crypt.

I have a Arduino UNO 3R that I am trying to use a PIR sensor to trigger the motor to enable through a relay (lid up) tell the limit switch is tripped. hold for 45 seconds and then motor starts again (lid down) tell the stop switch is tripped. wait 45 sec and reset the PIR to run again. Obviously not excepting the PIR signal during the run time.

Thank you very much



schemeit-project.pdf (28.9 KB)

I didn't see a question. What part did you need guidance with?

You could use a large servo to open and close the crypt. Then you could eliminate the stop switches. Look at for some cheap servos. I will try to find some good choices. Maybe the DS-929MG? That may be the wrong part number. Use a UBEC for the 5V supply. Keep the servo power and Arduino power separate, but connect the grounds.