Help! Have i fried my ATMEGA328P-PU ?

i'm very new to this and have been playing around with the sample sketches
i've been trying out ReadAnalogVoltage and doing ok, however, my project requires that i monitor the status of my 12 Battery between 10 and 15v(to also allow for the charging voltage).
a bit rough and ready but i'm using a 19v psu with a pot to work out min/max voltages i am sending to my voltage divider.
from what i've seen, the UNO can only accept 0-5v on the inputs, so with my 3:1 divider i should be able to work out what the readings correspond to.
however... stupid me didnt connect the variable voltage to the top of the divider, i stuck it straight into A0.
there was a slight burning smell and now my processor runs quite hot and none of the ADCs are working.
i'm assuming i've fried the chip ??

if that is the case, what are my options? can i just order another ATMEGA328P-PU chip or does it need some form of programming first before swapping it out?

Get another one - preferably bootloaded if you don't have a way install yourself.
Or, order a blank one and an AVR Programmer for this and future projects.
These guys ship quick

I used this programmer for long time before I got an Atmel AVR ISP MKii to use with bigger processors.
May need to add a line to programmers.txt to use it.
Sparkfun and Adafruit also carry programmers.

thank you for the fast reply :slight_smile:
figured as much, am trying to find a uk supplier now for the bootloaded MCU

You should update your profile to show UK.
The only suppliers I know there are Farnell/Newark and RS.
Can get blank parts here

Maybe someone like forum member spycatcher can bootload a couple for you.

will do.
i think i've found a few with the bootloaded options on ebay, cheap enough to try first :slight_smile:

Adafruit has one for $6: