help hooking up a CD4066 CD4066BE

anyone know how to fire the switches on the CD4066BE with arduino.

should i connect an arduino digital pin to the control pin on the the CD4066BE?

maybe use a resistor with it?

sorry - probably a somewhat newbish question! :D

Assuming that you have checked the datasheet... anyway, like any digital switches, the switch's state is controlled by a control pin. For instance, for channel A, asserting pin 13 to high will connect pin 1 and 2. So, basically, you can use Arduino's digital output pins to control the control pins of the switch.

i just wanted to know what the circuit would look like and if i'd need a resistor - can't really tell from the datasheet. does anyone know this?

and if i'd need a resistor

Where? What are you doing? Logic to logic connections do not need a resistor. So you can connect the arduino directly to the switch control pins.

thanks for the responses!