help how can I connect 5(five) GY-521 on one Arduino Uno R3 board?

Can anyone help?
I want to use 5 gyroscopes on one arduino board. Can anyone tell me how can I connect (wire) them and how will be program code?

Start by connecting one GY-521 and getting that working. There are many examples on the web. If you have difficulties, post questions!

I have already done it, for one and two gyroscopes, but no idea how can I use 5, can you give me some suggestions?

You can connect AD0 on each board to a separate output pin on the Arduino. Set AD0 low on the board you want to address, and high on all the others. Only the selected board will respond to address 0x68.

You can also use an i2c multiplexer such as the Maxim MAX7356 which will let you isolate the conflicting addresses.