[HELP] How to choose an Arduino Board????

I am interested in your products in your products changing human lives. I am an architecture student who is working on a thesis project related to robotics and the future of architecture. I saw some youtube videos online using Arduino products to change the dynamics of space.

What I want to create is waveform interactive moving architecture/ installation. I am curious to know if you could kindly offer help to let me know which of your products could be purchased to achieve the similar functions of the videos. Here are some videos which I found extremely profound. I have no prior knowledge in programming but still, I hope to get into the trend and change the lives of many.

1 Kinetic Pavilion


It shows how the spur gears moving the poles up and down. It is activated by alternating + and - charge of the current to change the direction of turning of the motor at the bottom of the machine.
I wonder which Arduino products can motivate the poles at different times. It was known that grasshopper in Rhinoceros 3D is also used for programming.

(ref webpage: Kinetic Pavilion - Architizer )

2 MIT's interactive shape-shifting table

3 The Encouragement Machine

I wish to know which board can make the 2-motor-wheels moving up and down to chop the stamp and interact in the solidworks programming??

4 membrane motionstudy - arduino - firefly - reactivision

How to compose the Arduino boards in order to link to the camera and grasshopper?

5 KINETIC MEMBRANES / interactive fluid form

How to compose the Arduino boards in order to link to the touch screen of a phone and the motor wheels?

Kangaroo (a Grasshopper plugin for Rhinoceros) was used for iterative form-finding. Once constructed, winch servos for RC sailboats controlled by Firefly through an Arduino module allowed for precise movement. touchOSC provided for a touchscreen interface by which the membrane can be controlled smoothly.

Thank you very much. Your kind help is deeply appreciated.

I would start with the UNO, it is inexpensive and well documented. It is a good place to start to learn how to program. As you progress you may want to switch to a Raspberry Pi because it has a stable operating system and a robust file system, it is Unix Based. If you can take a course on programming try that and use what they suggest.

A similar project is under development here.

Raising/lowering balls with stepper motors is about the same as raising/lowering a spur gear with stepper motors.
I have developed a 100x100mm board with the ability to drive 48 28BYJ-48 stepper motors with an Uno or Nano.

Get some experience with a few of these steppers, and coding, before thinking of building something bigger.