help: how to make my project always on?

My question is, how can I make Arduino always running? What I want is its main power source is AC supply, and in our country, AC always fluctuates or have some power outages, so I want to solve it by switching the power to DC ( with a battery pack charged with solar ) instantly if the AC is off and switch back again to AC when it is back on.

Because I dont want to stop its sensor monitoring

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What is the length of these power outages ?

If a Lithium battery power source is connected to a charging source, you would connect the battery to the Arduino.

You can also use an AC/DC power supply and battery connected through isolation diodes connect to the Arduino input power jack.

You could connect an AC to 5v converter to the USB jack and a battery (being charged) to the power jack.

Battery supplied by a mains charger works for me.

Size the battery to cover outages with ease.