Help how using Arduino interface

Hello to all, I'm new in this forum and I'm a student of Civil Engineering, I'm writing my last elaborate, the graduation thesis.
Sorry for my easy questions but I'm a beginner.
I have to build a IMU platform integrated with a GPS sensor, and a barometer + sensor of temperature for the positioning in-door, for example in galleries and undergrowth.
I have seen a integrate platform with many sensors but I want to assemble many sensors that I choose, linking these to Arduino.
So my question is: does Arduino supports many sensors? Is Arduino input ports serial ports or I2C protocol? So can I link all sensors to Arduino input and then I query these one at a time with the their ID?
An example of sensors that I want to link is this:
Tri-Axis Gyro Breakout - L3G4200D
or this:
9 Degrees of Freedom - Razor IMU

Thanks to any answer.

does Arduino supports many sensors

Well not exactly support but it can be connected to many sensors in many ways.

Perhaps the easiest way to expand the arduino from the basic number of I/Os (input / outputs) is to use the I2C bus. This can support up to 127 devices that could be sensors, or could be port expanders, that is give you more I/Os.
The 1 wire bus is useful for long runs, that is sensors a long way from the arduino. These are mainly temperature sensors.
For high speed connections use the SPI bus.

I2C is slower than SPI (10Mbit/s vs 400Kb). but it has the plus of addressing each sensor. Personally I would suggest to use I2C when you have multiple sensors and small amount of data for each request/poll. SPI is much better for "massive" data transfer as imnage, audio or other data streams. If you use SPI to poll multiple devices you have to handle a minimum protocol to reach any single device.