Help I can't Find my COM PORT at all For my MAC!!!!!

I have a mac that cant my com port all it has is this dumb Bluetooth port I have an Arduino UNO R3 with a MEGA328p chip some please help can't do anything with it

Make sure the USB cable is fully plugged into the computer and the Uno.

You may have a damaged/defective or charge-only USB cable. Try a different one.

If you're using a USB 3 port, try a USB 2.0 port or use a USB 2.0 hub plugged into a USB 3 port.

You may need to install the driver for the USB to TTL serial chip on your Uno. Which chip does your Uno use? You can check the writing on the biggest black chip near the USB socket.

ATIMEL 35473D ATMEGA328P U 1821Y9M

this is what is on the chip

That's the wrong chip. That's the primary ATmega328P microcontroller of the Uno. You're looking for a smaller black chip much closer to the USB jack.

it says MEGA16U2

I have tried it on

3 other laptops

2 windows 10

and 1 window 7

I checked device manager on all of them did pick it up or make a sound

Although the Windows version of the Arduino IDE does provide a driver for the ATmega16U2, the macOS version does not appear to do this. I'd assume that means it's expected to work right out of the box, but I don't have any experience with macOS so I can't be sure.

ok so what do you think I should try thanks for the help so far

also i plugged it into one of my windows 10 computers again and it came up with unknown device in device manager

I have the same problem on my laptop and Windows 10
“Unknown device” and i can’t uploade the Uno.