help :i have a TFT-LCD, can help me write a driver?

my TFT-LCD is 7 " ,800*480 .only three input pin ,DE CLK RGB , 60HZ , so ,We need to write DE mode driver ,But I can't write DE mode driver
anyone can help me?


what type of Display ?
what type of Controller ?

Some pics or links would help

Display type is FG0700G3DSSWBG01 ,you can see this web page:
I have no documentation, so can it to find the information on the Internet is 40pin data +12pin DC ,but we transfer into 7pin manually
pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
gnd 3.3V clk de rgb not used +9V

Controller is Arduino Uno

so we need DE mode driver

i can't open the .pdf without signing in (which i won't).

Is it (only) a "screen" or a controlled display with an onBoard Controller ?

yes , I only have one LCD and controller, If I have an example of DE mode driver, I can write a new ,I hope someone can provide a DE mode driver for my reference