Help!I have Error in Arduino Mega 2560 Documentation

I want to configure Port A as inputs. According to the schematic for the Mega board
( the pin mapping shows PA1 to be connected to PIN 23 on the silkscreen mapping on the MEGA board.

On the PinMap2560 page (, the pin mapping shows PA1 connected to PIN 15, which I believe is incorrect(Should be PIN 23). And by way of clarification, PINxx designations in this text refer to the silkscreen pin designations on the Arduino Mega board.

I did a continuity check from pin 77 on the Mega2560 IC to silkscreen PIN 23 ( on the board, and it checks.)
Would someone pls verify this?

I don't see the thing you're reporting. For me, when I look at that pin mapping table I see this:

77 PA1 ( AD1 ) Digital pin 23

Would you mind clarifying so I can understand?