(Help: I have no solutions so far!) No result with Heart Rate Monitor project

Edit: My project is now running, but it keeps skipping and stopping. Any help?

/* This code works with MAX30102 + 128x32 OLED i2c + Buzzer and Arduino UNO
 * It's displays the Average BPM on the screen, with an animation and a buzzer sound
 * everytime a heart pulse is detected
 * It's a modified version of the HeartRate library example
 * Refer to www.surtrtech.com for more details or SurtrTech YouTube channel

#include <Adafruit_GFX.h>        //OLED libraries
#include <Adafruit_SSD1306.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include "MAX30105.h"           //MAX3010x library
#include "heartRate.h"          //Heart rate calculating algorithm

MAX30105 particleSensor;

const byte RATE_SIZE = 4; //Increase this for more averaging. 4 is good.
byte rates[RATE_SIZE]; //Array of heart rates
byte rateSpot = 0;
long lastBeat = 0; //Time at which the last beat occurred
float beatsPerMinute;
int beatAvg;

void setup() {  
  // Initialize sensor
  particleSensor.begin(Wire, I2C_SPEED_FAST); //Use default I2C port, 400kHz speed
  particleSensor.setup(); //Configure sensor with default settings
  particleSensor.setPulseAmplitudeRed(0x0A); //Turn Red LED to low to indicate sensor is running


void loop() {
 long irValue = particleSensor.getIR();    //Reading the IR value it will permit us to know if there's a finger on the sensor or not
                                           //Also detecting a heartbeat
if(irValue > 7000){                                           //If a finger is detected
Serial.print("BPM ");
  if (checkForBeat(irValue) == true)                        //If a heart beat is detected
    //We sensed a beat!
    long delta = millis() - lastBeat;                   //Measure duration between two beats
    lastBeat = millis();

    beatsPerMinute = 60 / (delta / 1000.0);           //Calculating the BPM

    if (beatsPerMinute < 255 && beatsPerMinute > 20)               //To calculate the average we strore some values (4) then do some math to calculate the average
      rates[rateSpot++] = (byte)beatsPerMinute; //Store this reading in the array
      rateSpot %= RATE_SIZE; //Wrap variable

      //Take average of readings
      beatAvg = 0;
      for (byte x = 0 ; x < RATE_SIZE ; x++)
        beatAvg += rates[x];
      beatAvg /= RATE_SIZE;

  if (irValue < 7000){       //If no finger is detected it inform the user and put the average BPM to 0 or it will be stored for the next measure
      Serial.println("Please place your finger.");


You only print anything to the Serial Monitor if irValue > 700. Maybe it is never true? How about printing a “ready” message in setup to make sure you have Serial Monitor configured properly at 9600 baud?

If irValue > 7000, it starts working, but if irValue < 7000, it is supposed to say “please place your finger.”

So far, I have figured out that the problem lies in:

particleSensor.begin(Wire, I2C_SPEED_FAST);

Nothing I put in the code after that runs.