Help. I need multiple text inputs on minimal pins! please read

HI - 1st - thank you for reading!

I have a project that outputs letters (1 per pin) and I am looking for a better way to input the letters in an analog way (i.e. without a keyboard). It may sound confusing but I will explain my thoughts and current idea to solving and I hope someone can give me a better solution.
GOAL: I am trying to let a user input a single letter to the system without a keyboard/touchpad) by turning a physical dial with an individual setting for each letter in the alphabet, to an appropriate letter.

So the user turns a physical dial and chooses their letter, and the Arduino can tell which letters ahs been selected from the physical dial. I have been thinking a potentiometer could be used as a mechanism, attached to the dial, to translate multiple positions to the specific letters. I am concerned about accuracy.

Does anyone have other/better ways to getter many readings into an aurduino from a single(minimal) input mechanism?

Thank you

Look up "rotary encoders". An encoder will make it much easier to achieve the accuracy you need than an analog potentiometer.


Take a look at the encoder library:


Thank you. I will do that.