[HELP] I think my arduino id dead!!

Hello Everyone,
Today I tried to hook up an ir reciever to the arduino, I was connecting it while the ground and 5v pins shorted on the other side I got this burning smell and then I quickly pull out the power adaptor as I knew something was wrong(I know it is my fault that I did not disconnect it first) but know the situation is as follows

  1. When connected via USB the arduino ON, TX and RX pins are stable but the pc does not detect it.
  2. When connected via power adaptor ON , TX and RX lights are stable and then the pin 13 light comes on after a few seconds and the arduino gets really hot.
  3. Physically nothing looks damaged.
    Please help me rectify this problem or will I have to buy a new arduino.
    Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

What arduino board you have.
From what you describe it’s almost certain you damage something.(magic smoke was out :grin:)
My guess goes to the regulator or to the USB/TTL converter (it could be the FTDI232RL chip , or the Atmega16U2, this depend the board you have …) or the arduino chip itself

Oh, Forgot to mention that I have an arduino UNO and there was no smoke just some burning smell(the kind when you hook up led’s the wrong polarity to high power supply) and how do confirm if its the usb/ttl that is dead or not.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile: