HELP identify a BMP180 like barometer sensor

Hi everyone and thx for reading my first post.

I need your help to identify a barometer sensor how looks like the BMP180 from Bosch (picture in attachment)

I googled the numbers on the sensor (1244 u317 124) and also the number on the ship (KB33 or K833) but found nothing, and searched Sensortec web site for help.

Also I tried to run the sample sketch from Sparkfun’s lib for the BMP180, but the program return after trying to read the sensor registers.

Wiring :
Sensor Arduino uno r3
3.3 3.3v
SDA SDA first time, A4 second time
SCL SCL first time, A5 second time
Vcc unconnected (wasn’t sure what to do with it)

Link for sparkfun lib and sample sketch :

Can you please help ?


I googled “BMP180 module” and there are pictures of modules that match the one that you posted, so it is probably a BMP180.

Don’t connect 3V3 from the Uno. Connect Uno 5V to Vcc. SDA to A4, SCL to A5. And ground to ground, of course.

Run this I2C scanner, from Nick Gammon, to confirm communication with the module and confirm the address.

#include <Wire.h>

void setup() 
  Serial.begin (115200);

  // Leonardo: wait for serial port to connect
  while (!Serial) 

  Serial.println ();
  Serial.println ("I2C scanner. Scanning ...");
  byte count = 0;
  for (byte i = 1; i < 120; i++)
    Wire.beginTransmission (i);
    if (Wire.endTransmission () == 0)
      Serial.print ("Found address: ");
      Serial.print (i, DEC);
      Serial.print (" (0x");
      Serial.print (i, HEX);
      Serial.println (")");
      delay (1);  // maybe unneeded?
      } // end of good response
  } // end of for loop
  Serial.println ("Done.");
  Serial.print ("Found ");
  Serial.print (count, DEC);
  Serial.println (" device(s).");
}  // end of setup

void loop() {} // everthing done in setup

The BMP180 is a 3V3 device. I don't think it's digital lines (SDA etc.) are 5 volt tolerant so you may not be able to use it connected directly to the UNO.
Be careful out there :slight_smile:


It's the right size/shape and port hole position. The number 244 on the module also appears to be consistent with the BMP180. If you read register 0xD0 it should return a chip ID of 0x55.