Help Identify Interface on LED LCD Projector board

Im a newb.
I took apart my old alarm clock that projects time on the ceiling and it has the device pictured for the led lcd projector.
When I provide 5v power to LED+ pin and ground to the GND pin, it shows 00:00
There are 5 pins to interface with the device:
LED+ (Green Wire)
GND (Yellow Wire)
VDD (Orange Wire)
DTA (Red Wire)
CLK (Brown Wire)

Images at google drive

I want to use it to display 4 digit numbers.
Do you think I can interface a teensy 3.0 with it to display a 4 digit code? Please help me accomplish this if you’re not too busy.

Thanks ahead of time

The only way i see that you can this working, is connecting the module to the rest of the clock, set the time, and then alalyse the signals with a Logic Analyser, decipher what is what, and then write some code that can do the same.

For a one-off project, probably not worth it, unless it's a learning experience for you - in that regard, it's a good exercise!

I can recommend a Saleae Logic for reverse-engineering the data protocol.

Expect to use a lot of time to find heads and tails in how it's working.

// Per.

Thank you for your response.