Help identify this LCD

I just pulled this out of an old printer and I can’t seem to find any info on the interwebs about it. Please take a look and tell me if you recognize it or can provide any info as to its type or how to make it work. It’s a 16x1 display in two groups of 8 characters.


OK, nevermind. I should have tried before posting. It’s apparently compatible with the HD44780, LiquidCrystal library and 4-bit addressing. It’s a 8x2 but all on one line.

I was just worried about frying it by hooking it up wrong.

My questions are…

Is it safe to say that any 14 or 16 pin 2X16 LCD is going to be compatible? Will connecting an unknown LCD to the arduino and trying to run Hello World damage the LCD or arduino?

Could you just put a 100 ohm (1k?) resistor in series with the lines from the arduino to the LCD to prevent risk of damage to Arduino? I wouldn’t worry too much about the LCD - it’s salavage stuff anyway.

Looks a lot like some displays I have that are 8X2 on a single line - just print to (0,0), then next print to (1,0) to look like a 16X1 display.

Ken H>