Help identify this RFID reader

Its silkscreen says it’s an MF522-AN. My source can’t
give me a data sheet on it. :frowning: I searched the forums
but didn’t find anything that applied.

So I googled it and found some data from one or
two web pages.

I believe it’s an SPI device, but I just want to be
sure before I go any further. I have for its pinouts:

1 SS
5 x
8 +3.3V

but I’m not sure if pin 1 has the square silkscreened
around it, or if the square would indicate pin 8.
There’s a J8 next to what I’m thinking is going to
be pin 1. (see the attachment)

I also believe it to be a 13.56 MHz device. I need
to confirm this, too.

Anyone worked with this reader?


Take out a magnifying glass and get the part number off the chip on the board, there might be better data for it.

Hello, I have the same problem so i take a microscope and the RC522 Philips data sheet

Connector Name Arduino pin
J8=NSS 10
J7=SCK 13
J6=MOSI 11
J5=MISO 12
J1=VDD 3.3V
I do not have any sketch for arduino do you have one ?
I want to build just a RFID reader

I think it might be an older version of a card I just bought. Have a look at project 15 in the following link.
It has full details and an example sketch.

Thanks Geoffry, your link helps me ! Alain Montréal