help identifying an ic

wonder if anybody recognises this ic, pretty sure its a lithium battery charger ic ive tryed every letter combination that looks close to it, maby someone recognises it, i can make out D93, but first two characters i cant first character looks like 0?.
thank you

Yes that the stealth version of the gizmo series thingumies.

No pic or numbers so thats my answer. :grinning:

You will have to attach an image of the IC for us to tell if it is familiar.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

Nothing this end for that.

Zooming in does not help as much as I thought it would.

C or 0 for first
8 or 9 for second
3,4,5 are easy D93

If its off a cheap charger board maybe buy another ?
Pic of what it came off may also help.



Smaller IC's usually have date or factory codes on the package, not part numbers. Your only hope is to spot another one somewhere, in a circuit that you have the schematic for.

It appears to be a BCV61B. This is essentially 2xBC547B NPN transistors in 1 package.