Help Identifying Module

Hi Guys! I salvaged what looks to be some kind of RF module from a remote control toy, it has a pcb antenna and a single chip. The chip reads


Manufacturer is STMicroelectronics, but I can’t seem to be able to find a datasheet.
Here is a picture

Anything on the back

How about this ?

Definitely looks like an STA2500D - look at the package drawing, they even give an example part number marking that matches yours.

Hey guys sorry for the late reply, I've been super busy. I thought that was it, but the module came out of a $3 remote control truck so I stupidly assumed it could not be BT. It would appear that is indeed what it is. Now to hack it! Though I have zero experience reverse engineering such things. Thanks for the replies everyone!

And James, no the back is completely blank save for several vias.