Help identifying pcb socket mount pins to analog circuit

Hi all, I’m purchasing these socket mounts and I was wondering how I can connect them to the circuit I am building to analyze audio.

The first file is the circuit. The first upside down V on the left of the op-amp I’m assuming is the ground (sleeve) of the mount (the middle pin). I’m more confused with the microphone input connected to the positive terminal of the op-amp. There are two more pins on the socket mount, for left and right audio channels. Is the second attached file the correct way to connect the right and left channels to the positive terminal of the op amp? Also, would I need to change any of the capacitor/resistor values?


Hi all, I’m hoping to build this circuit (first image), but I’m not sure how to connect this jack mount to the circuit:

My question is, do the left and right pins on the jack mount both connect to the positive terminal of the op amp in this (second image) configuration? If so, do I need to change the values of the resistor and capacitor if my audio input is from an iPhone 6+ jack?