Help identifying weird 19-pin socket on robot arm? [U: SOLVED]

Trying to breathe life into a robot arm (Puma 260) from an old lab:

Managed to identify the main multiway connector on it (a big Harting Han-DD 72-pin thing) but there’s this other socket that’s got me stumped - does it look familiar to anyone?

It’s around 14mm wide, looks a bit like a DIN plug (ie round but keyed), with 19 pins. (19?!) It’s marked “Made in W.Germany” on the locking ring, much like the big Harting connector, but Harting’s website doesn’t seem to have any round connectors with more than 8 pins.

Not essential that I identify it - it seems to connect only to a Micro-D socket near the arm’s wrist - but it’d be useful. I’ve tried wading through the thousands of connectors on RS and Farnell’s sites to find it, but no luck yet.

  • UPDATE * Found it: it’s from the M16 range by Binding. (probably gonna ditch it - the mating plug is about £25, eech)