Help identifying

Hey guys i'm quite new to all of this but i would like to make a relay board similar to this one

However, could someone please tell me what the yellow things are next to the LED Bar Graphs? Also, where could i pick up some of those graphs?

On the other hand, i see there are 5 capacitors on the circuit. What would be the point in that exactly?

Thanks for any help!!

the yellow things are network resistors, its just a handfull of resistors in a handy single sip package (you can also get them in dip packages too)

the displays are quite common on any electronics supply website, mouser, digikey, farnell or even the electronic goldmine has them

and the capacitors are probably there to filter out the noise caused by the mechanical switches and magnetic coils (4 relay banks and 1 power in)

the yellow things are network resistors

You sure about that? Looks like it says .1uF next to them, making me think Capacitor.. :-?

to the right of the sip's its marked 3.9k, theres 2 small (also yellow) caps to the left which is what your talking about, they are not packaged together.

to the right of the sip's its marked 3.9k

Oh oops! Didn't even notice those :p. I assumed the OP was referring to the Caps.

its ok, i didnt notice the cap's, so we got it covered either way heh :D

They are, as has been pointed out capacitors. They are supply decoupling for the driver ICs.

Thanks guys for all the help!!