HELP!?!?! Im doing my first arduino project ever

So this is my first arduino project ever, and what im doing is using two potentiometers, an Elegoo uno r3, and a macbook air, I wanna make a dual engine throttle for x plane 11. The problem is I have no idea how to make x plane recognize the serial data from the potentiometers as movement on a gamepad axis.

the UNO is not the most suited Arduino

read this for example

Post a link to those potentiometers.

I took them out of an old guitar amplifier. They are labeled as B250k

Right but now that I have it I wanna use it.

Say you buy a Ferrari and you have a corn field and it's harvest time. Would you say, "well I've the Ferrari now so I'm going to use it because I did not get a tractor which could have been more useful"....

Use it for another project... or be ready to change the boot loader to be able to use the USB chip differently...

Seems far fetched for a first project

Google makes it look like a normal potentiometer, 250 kOhm.
Tie gnd to one end pin, Vcc to the other end pin and read an analog signal on the middle pin.

Have you programmed the UNO with simple, example code?

Do you know how to program C++?

There are steps you need to take to learn how to program Arduino before attempting this project.

Thanks.. Tom.. :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Well said Sir @J-M-L
I will love to have you as my professor
Would you sir

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