Help in activating a Nema 17 motor using EasyDrive

Hi all,

I'm a complete newbie to Arduino and electronics in general. I am trying to use a Nema 17 motor of type 42BYGHM810 using an EasyDriver V4.4 and an Arduino. I've downloaded an Arduino code from the bildr site and followed the assembly instructions there. Since my motor has different wire colors, I attached it according to the two phases - Black & green to phase A, red & blue to phase B. I can see the voltage changes in the input to the EasyDriver from the Arduino (using a fluke), and I get a reading of ~0.6A from my 12V voltage source (5V led on the EasyDriver is turned on). The controller on the EasyDriver is getting very hot when the system is on.

Still, the motor is not turning. I've checked the connections, and I checked whether the motor responds to connecting each of the phases' wires. It seemed OK. I'm running out of ideas of what to try.

Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Reduce current using the onboard potmeter. (also reduce voltage, if possible) Your connections seems correct. Get the accelstepper library and try examples

Thanks! Indeed, changing the software, and especially going to a much simpler code did the trick. I used the AccelStepper library and it is very helpful.

I also recommend to get started with the Easy Driver.

Thanks again,