Help in burning bootloader


I am new to aruino and I am new here

It was a great time programming and learning

until the microcontroller in my UNO board broke

I wanted to replace it but I couldn't find anything except (ATMEGA8-16PU) 28 pin DIP package

my questions are

1- is it compatible with the board ?

2-How can I burn the bootloader if possible

thank you very much

I'd encourage someone to verify/deny this but: Since the voltage specifications match and pinouts correspond, between the Atmega8 and Atmega328, I think you should be fine with either one. Select the right board from the Tools > Board > menu in the Arduino software. Although... you'd have to purchase the chip WITH the bootloader in it already (alternatively, you could buy it and then burn the bootloader to teh chip using an additional Arduino, or other ISP/programmer).

When you say you can't find anything except Atmega8, do you mean logistically/geographically you can't find something convenient, or are you saying you can't locate it at any store online? (because there are many websites that sell Atmega328, with and without the bootloader)

thank for replying

actually i can't find it in my country and I don't want to buy one online

and I figured out how to burn the bootloader to a target board

but I need an external programmer or an arduino board as an ISP

my frind has an arduino mega

will it be able to be an ISP for my uno board ?


I believe Arduino mega should work; doesn't hurt to try. Follow the Arduino-as-ISP tutorial on the arduino site. In the ArduinoISP file code (at the top), change the definitions of the SPI pins though (because the SPI pins on the Mega are 50, 51, 52, 53), to the following:

define SCK 52

define MISO 50

define MOSI 51

define RESET 53

also, see this thread for reference:

I don't have an Arduino Mega where I am right now, but do keep us posted about what happens... I'd like to see how this works out, having never tried it myself.