Help in figuring out how to rotate....

Hello, me and my group have a design where we want to put a cylindrical rod through 3 pacman like disks that are staggered in a specific orientation. The disks will be bracketed into the rod. We need to rotate this throughout 360 degrees to exact locations. The rod would only need to be a few cm's in diameter and weighing just a few ounces, and the weight of the disks are just a few ounces. My question is, should i use a stepper motor, dc motor, or something else to rotate the rod? Second question is whats the best way to transition the motor(the one i have the previous question about) to the cylindrical rod?? Gears??


any motor will do, most problematic might be to rotate exact 360° - maybe a digital compass can help

You could take a look at a sail winch servo (they are used in rc sailboats). They can rotate 360-720 degrees, and you can use the servo ibrary to control it.