help in languages that share the Arduino

Hello everyone

I'm beginning what is the family of Arduino, I'm addresses are the basics of programming, a friend is helping me do a show with a picture I him I recognize the circles and I send the coordinates "x, and "so the arduino with the data engine move me in the direction" x "and the other in the direction" y "and so an object is placed at the exact point that the image

the question is what language they ago should send the data to the Arduino for me to recognize the fact that

if the answer would be done in Spanish much better since estoi with google translator

we thank you very much for your time

Speaking of languages, we can all tell you're using google translate.

I can't understand your post at all.

Have you tried the spanish language forum here?

...I do believe you'll bet better answers on the Spanish forum.

I'm not sure if you're asking about human languages (Spanish, English, etc.) or if you are asking about the Arduino programming language (C++).

C++ (an all programming languages that I know of) are "English like" and they use English words, but of course, there are applications where the user sees their own language. The number or "words" in C++ is small, and you don't have to know English in to program in C++.

You can "send" any language to the Arduino as long as your program understands the word(s) and knows what to do when it receives the word(s). It doesn't even have to be a real word...

Although C++ uses English words, the syntax (rules) for C++ are specific to the computer-language and unlike any language we speak or write.

thanks for your reply