Help in Melbourne


What I want to do:

I have a scratch built submarine:

This is a fun vid about the boat taken with a camera on another boat.

I want to throw out the current system and control the, at least, 8 relays off two channels, for ballast, piston, trim tanks etc. I have written a sketch that does this however I want to automate the diving and surfacing routines. I also want to add a pressure sensor to the bow and for example only start the ‘pump out’ when the boat has breached the surface.

I was introduced to Arduino 4 weeks ago and have done bloody well. Anyway, with this sketch I have replicated the current control of the sub, and now want to automate a dive and surface routine using the ballast, piston and trim tanks. The only way to do this practically is to click the dive control lever to one side twice quickly. A ‘double click’ if you will.

I can’t seem to find anything to help with this and the forum is no help at all.

I think a bit of coaching and I would be there. Anyone help?

Cheers John