Help in Power Supply Connection to Motor Driver

Hi, this is my first post and I am really a basic in Arduino and Electronics. I am making a simple moving robot using two BO Motors attached to a L298N Motor Driver.I have connected all the Pins(I mean the INPUT PINS) except the Enable Pins to the Arduino Board. I am using an Arduino Uno Clone Board.The board gets power from my laptop, but I want it to be mobile.So I have a battery pack consisting of 2cells each having 3.7V(2200mAh)power.I connect this pack to the Arduino Power Jack. But from there I am unsure how to power the Motor Driver from the same battery pack(I am not allowed to cut the battery wire and make a parallel connection). So only three ports the 12V,GND and 5V of the Motor Driver are unused.If anyone can tell me ASAP on how to connect those three pins without damaging the Board/Driver it will be helpful.

If we´re talking about L298N module, it has a regulated 5V output than can feed Arduino.

So, instead of plugging the the pack on Arduino and trying to power L298N from it, plug the pack on L298N and use it to power Arduino.

My reference for this suggestion was this video -->

Ok I know there is a 5V in L298 but you see @Brazilino there is a problem.If I need to power the driver I need to cut the wire.Which is not possible.

So what else can be done.Can we connect the 12V of L298 to VIN port and GND of the L298 to the GND of the Arduino.Worked that way but any other methods???

All right, that´s true... Buying a P4 jack and wiring it to L298N would be possible?

Nope no extra components :pensive: :pensive:.Tough problem ain't it?? :confused: :confused:

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Attached here is the schematics:

I am using 3.7V*2 Batteries. Couldn't get a 7.4V Battery Illustration in Tinkercad :pensive: .I need to get this problem solved by tomorrow 2021-11-26T18:30:00Z.
To show the battery pack connected to the Arduino jack,I have simply shown inserting a USB :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also is the powersupply connection of the Driver to Arduino correct?

  1. I think you still have the original problem by feeding the IC with the Arduino board. All I read here about driving motors is that Arduino can´t provide enough current to the motors, so that they (L2930D) should have their own source of power. It won´t do feeding Arduino with USB and battery pack simultaneously because the board will just select the bigger voltage source but it will still have it´s current limitations.

  2. Since you´re not using a module, just the L2930D chip, maybe there are some missing diodes or extra components. I can´t tell you for sure because my electronics is pretty basic. Let´s see if someone more experienced can help us in this matter.

  3. It would be better to connect IC-VDD to Arduino 5V. VIN is mostly used to feed Arduino. You can get 5V from VIN while Arduino is USB powered but if you power it from another source it will not get you this voltage anymore.

For easier referece, is this :point_down: correct?

VCC - VIN(5V?)
INPUT 4 - D13
OUTPUT 4 - Motor 1
OUTPUT 3 - Motor 1
INPUT 3 - D12
ENABLE2 - ~D11
ENABLE1 - ~D10
INPUT 1 - D8
OUTPUT 1 - Motor 2
OUTPUT 2 - Motor 2
INPUT 2 - D9

Shouldn´t one of the GROUND pins in the upper part of IC be also connected to ground?

Yes @Brazilino you are right.But as i said I can't cut the battery wires nor buy a separate battery pack.Hence I tried connecting the VCC(12V and Not 5V) to VIN port.And yes I do know that VIN is to feed Arduino from any driver or other component. But after I connected it to VIN the motor works fine,except here and there there are faint buzzing sound heard,Sometimes the motor stops,and a funny thing: The motors work in 255 RPM but not in <= 90 RPM.Strange isn't it?

The Only problemo I can see is the 12V Powersupply.Unfortunately I don't have any solutions as of yet.Buying new battery pack might help but the condition

"I can't buy a battery pack"

Ok so I tested it out.It seems that the Vin does supply power not sure how.But for a better result it is better to split the battery wire and make a parallel connection to the motor driver.

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