Help in project - atmega2560 ckout pin

Hi all,

I hope that anyone can give me some help as I've searched on Google but until now couldn't find a good answer. I'm making a project with 3 atmega2560 16MHz in a single board. I would like to use the ckout of the first atmega2560 to drive the clock of the second and the ckout of the second to drive the third so I don't have 3 crystals on the board (it would look good and cheaper to build). Is this possible? If so does anyone know the fuses to be burnt so I would have the ckout pin enabled? would it be so simple as connect the ckout of the first one to xtal 1 leaving the clk2 unconnected? Thank you.

PORT E, Pin 7 is the CKOUT pin. Fortunately that is not used in the Arduino Mega so that won't bother any programming.

The CKOUT fuse is bit 6 of the LOW fuse byte. Set it to 0 to enable the CKOUT pin.