Help in uploading programs to lilypad mp3 player

Hello, I am trying to test the lilypad mp3 player that I have by uploading the MP3SHIELDDemo given in its examples. I tried 1. Using USBasp programmer.- I tried using AVRDUDE programmer from nexrobotics and using the option upload using programmer in the ARDUINO IDE. It gives error message :- AVRDUDE error :- program enable : Target doesn't answer 1 Avrdude initialisation failed, rc = 1

  1. Using leonardo as ISP; after using burn bootloader. I get the following error. error: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I selected lilypad with atmega 328 and it was given in sparkfun site to select arduino pro w/ atmega 328. But I get same results with both of them. The chip on the player is Atmega 328P. Please help??? :~ :~ :~ :~

Since nobody else can answer your question, I will have a go, although I would not claim that this is one of my areas of expertise.

I've recently acquired some cheap and bootloaderless pro mini clones, and encountered the same kind of difficulties, although I did eventually get some of them to work.

General advice.

Double check all your wiring connections. Make sure the device has power. Check that 5V is actually present on the power supply pin. Try googling any error messages you get to see if any bloggers have previous encountered and solved the same problem.

If neither method is working for you, then unfortunately the odds are that your device is broken.