HELP!!! Incorrect Hardware Shipped

The potentiometer that was shipped to me through amazon was too small for all of the projects that it was included in. I am not sure what to do. It would be great if you could send me some more since the ones it came with didn't fit for the projects (it may have been the breadboard too, it looks smaller than my last kit. Either way it is one of the two and I don't know which. Please Reply ASAP

You want customer service, third door on the left.

Hi, To small, physically or resistance value wise?

Tom... :)

These forums are not a customer complaints department for Amazon or anyone else.

I wonder if he ordered form the official Arduino store, do they fulfill via amazon now (I have a Microcenter in my city which carries Arduino stuff so I've never order via the Arduino store)?

Same old problem

Not knowing what you need, Inches or Centimeters ... and then blame Amazone ... Blame yourself.

To get resolution, contact the vendor. If they are unhelpful, Amazon support will tighten the screws on them. Worst case you leave a shit review.

The question is why you're complaining here! If you want to complain to strangers about problems they can't solve for you, go to the local bar.


I hope Mr. noob will read your comment. I really appreciate your last sentence. This forum is not made for personal comments, but Mr. noob started it this way.