Help/Insight on a project.

Hey folks.

I have been following Arduino for quite sometime. Some of the things that are done with it are simply awesome. So as a DIYer/Tinkering type person I bought a old PC Sim Racing wheel for cheap. This deal plugs into a PC and used an old “gameport” well we all know they are pretty much obsolete these days. The PC wheel I bought was/is in rough shape. Basically its wired to potentiometer that is driven by the gameport to drive the axis in a racing game.

My thought is to remove all the old gameport wiring. Add in a new potentiometer and wire that to arduino board and use that to communicate to the PC. Possibly using the Windows joystick calibrater.

Its all fairly tough to explain, maybe and hopefully easy for you to understand. I am just looking for in general suggestions where to start. I have not bought an arduino board at all yet. I have just searched this forum and google for ideas where to start. I am going to attach some pictures to show the PC wheel, and its current state.

Thanks for any help.

The old gameport just had the X and Y potentiometers wired to the 15-pin plug. You didn't have to take that apart.

The Teensy has some good libraries that make it easy to show up as a USB joystick on the PC. The Arduino Micro and Due can also do this.

Well, Dang it! I was however told the pot was bad. Now Ive thrashed the wiring. So I guess now I start from scratch?