HELP: Interfacing the ZS-X11B

Hi guys,

I was hoping somebody could shed some light on how to use the ZS-X11B BLDC motor driver? I bought one from Aliexpress, and am having trouble using it. (sensorless, I don't have any hall sensors)

Basically, from the info I have gathered, the setup should be as follows:

The OUTPUT connector has 5 wires. 3 wires (orange, yellow and white) go to the BLDC motor, while 2 wires (red / black) are for power (5V - 36V)

There is a potentiometer attached for speed control (I assume modifying the externally applied PWM signal)

There is a 3-pin header for selecting the rotation direction.

There is a 2-pin header for the PWM signal.

Okay, so what I have done so far:

1) Connect the BLDC motor (A2217, which works fine with a "Server Test" BLDC ESC) to the MA, MB and MC wires (no particular order).
2) Connect the 3-pin header jumper so that the motor rotates CCW.
3) Leave the potentiometer alone
4) Connect a frequency generator to the PWM and GND two-pin header.
5) Connect the power wires to a 12V / 6A max power supply.

I turned on the power supply, and the red led on the board lights up.
Then, I set the potentiometer so it is 1/2 between max rotatable limits (50%?)
Then, I set the frequency generator to 50% duty cycle, 40kHz square wave (0V-5V)

When I do this, I expect turning the FG channel on would start the motor spinning, but I get nothing. No extra current draw or anything. Next I tried rotating the potentiometer back and forth, but no change. Then I tried changing the FG to 1kHz all the way up to 100kHz (50% duty cycle) but no change.

If anybody out there can shed some light on how to use this ZS-X11B driver board, it would be greatly appreciated! Maybe a recommended PWM frequency / duty cycle that worked for you?


If I just hook 12V DC to the red and black should I receive 3 three phase voltage out of the white yellow and green wires without hooking this to a microcontroller?


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