Help Interpret error message - Arduino 1.6.4

Two questions on the following error message:

  1. "31 refers to line number in the code. Correct?
  2. "84" refers to what? (does it refer to a specific type of error that I can read-up on)?

EllaNecklace3needswork.ino:31:84: error: expected '}' before ';' token
expected ',' or ';' before 'void'


line number, column number.

Line numbers aren't always right on, especially when there are #include preprocessor directives. Best way is to post your code.

Before doing that, please read Nick Gammon's two posts at the top of this Forum, especially about using code tags (the "</>" symbol) when posting your source code and using Ctrl-T to format the code in the IDE before posting.

Thanks to both for the responses. That's very helpful.