[HELP]IR proximity Sensor measuring Depth water


can an Infrared Proximity Sensor measure depth of water more or less 2ft??

I found this: http://philippines.rs-online.com/web/p/photoelectric-sensors/6666564/

Can you suggest something for me, thanks//

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Can you suggest something for me, thanks//

it works better if you can let a reflector float on the water. Just let the sensor look through a pipe in which the reflector floats.

well my project is an ROV(remote operated Vehicle)particularly a "Boat" with a Sensor mounted to it, Practically I need a sensing operation close to a fish finder's operation.. the problem with the fish finder is it's minimum detecting range whic is .6m which is too high for us..

Shallow water depth range sensing is enough for me up to 3cm up to 2m is enough..

any suggestion?