help ir

I'm building a simple robot and I need to use an ir receiver.
I have Arduino UNO, 8220-ir38dm, and...

You need to find out what format of IR signal that handset produces.
First what is the modulation frequency?

One way I know is to use a simple photo transistor and look at the output from the remote on an oscilloscope. Once you know the modulation frequency you can choose the right IR receiver and start working out the codes it sends for each button.

Go and find a copy of Ken Shirriff's IR library and then use IRrecvDump (included with library) to decode the various signals. It's a fairly straightforward process if your receiver is compatible.

Looks helpful to me, I think its what you need?

There also seem to be tutorials for a remote that looks the exact same as yours

I can't vouch for their accuracy or whether they work though

I have an MP3 player almost identical to the photo that I got from Sainsmart and I have an Oscilloscope.