Help! IRcode database of KT-109 E


I am working on building up database for remote controller for Air Conditioners.
I used Chris Young’s IRLib to record and transmit various codes of LG and Dawlance air conditioner using Arduino Mega 2560.

While decoding codes of Dawlance Air conditioner I found out that the codes at temp 16 C, fan speed full, swing off is same as when temp is 16 C, fan speed auto, swing is on and fixed at top position.
First I want to know that is it possible that the same code is send for two different modes?

Sample codes of dawlance ac decoded w.r.t varying space but both spaces and marks are sent.

MODE Fanspeed Swing Temp Code
Winter Full OFF 16 10011100000000000000011000001010010
Winter Auto 1-ON 16 10011100000000000000011000001010010

The first byte after 4 bits offset is the temp and condition settings code, which varies as the above mentioned option changes.
The byte that varies with changing option has fixed lower 4 bits for temperature which remains same for different temperatures from 16-30 C. The upper 4 bits are found to be a condition bit which varies for certain specified conditions.

Next is I have found out the KT-109E universal remote which can be used for almost 1000 brands, so it must have a database of different codes installed in it.

I need the codes for some 5-7 specific brands , where to find those codes?
Attached is the user manual of KT-109E.

I am sure I will be guided on this forum or would be directed to a link where a suitable guidance will be available