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HI: I have a arduino Mega 2560 , I connected with an array of 14X8. The program for the matrix I adapted and functioning properly. The problem is that in the serial monitor button I'm pushing appears and displays fine but when wanting the pc recognizes it as a keyboard key does nothing (I want to make my matrix are extra buttons to map my flight simulator) I maybe missing something in programming and my lack of experience will not let me see that thing. Please help me.

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Which Arduino board do you use ? Can you post your sketch between code tage ? The code tags are explained here at item number 7 :,148850.0.html

The Arduino MEGA 2560 can't emulate a USB keyboard using the Keyboard library like the Arduino Leonardo can. Your PC will not accept input from a serial port as keystrokes from a keyboard. The Serial Monitor connects through a serial port to the Arduino and displays any characters it receives. To put those characters into the keyboard input buffer would require a specialized program.

This one for Windows costs $35 after a 15-day free trial:

Versions of Windows up to Windows 2000 Professional had a built-in assistive feature called "SerialKeys": It is designed for people who can't type on a regular keyboard and use a special serial device like an eye tracker for typing.

Windows Vista (and, presumably, anything later) doesn't provide SerialKeys but Microsoft had some suggested alternatives: "Replacement for SerialKeys: Windows Vista does not include SerialKeys. In previous versions of Windows, SerialKeys provided support so that alternative input devices, such as augmentative communication devices, could be plugged into the computer's serial port. For individuals that used these devices, it is important to install an alternative solution prior to upgrading to Windows Vista. Recommended solutions: AAC Keys and SKEYS from Eyegaze."