Help: Kuman 3.5" ILI9486 will not work in UTFT

Hi I have been trying for a few days now to get this display to work with UTFT on an Arduino Due:

It will work fine with MCUFriend and with the Adafruit libraries but i need it to work in UTFT.

MCUFRIEND/diagnose_tft_support: tft.readID() finds: ID = 0x9486

I am a real beginner with this and have really tried to figure it out (minor UTFT mods) but am having no luck.

Any help would be Great!

UTFT does not support ILI9486 in 8-bit parallel mode.

Why do you want to use UTFT ?


Thanks for the clarification, glad to know it wasn’t all me :slight_smile:
I wish to use a pre written sketch called Ceratft by Frank Montiel, and it is using the UTFT library. I would imagine changing the TFT library would be a serious headache.

It is relatively easy to change UTFT but I am not the original author.

The UTFTGLUE class will let you run simple UTFT sketches. I have no idea what Ceratft is. Or whether it would run with UTFTGLUE.