Help links not working in IDE (SOLVED)

All the links found in the IDE dropdown HELP menu stopped working recently in 1.8.12 and still don't work with 1.8.13.

Is this my computer or a new bug?

They work here .

Maybe its a local issue with your computer or a browser add on / extension ?

The help files are .html files that are intended to be opened in your browser. If the file association for .html files is broken, it could cause this behavior.

What happens if you double click any file with an .html extension on your computer?

You can just create a blank text file and rename it with the .html file extension (make sure it really has that extension, the operating system likes to hide them from you).

If I create a text file and save it as an .html it will open in a browser window.

This bug just showed up suddenly. I thought an update to 1.08.13 would help but not so.

Could this be something in the preferences.txt file?

OK found it. I'm using windows 10 and recently went to using Avast secure browser which the IDE apparently dosen't recognize (or like).

I opened Start and searched using 'Default', selected 'Choose a default web broweser' then selected Defaults from the Search and Apps menu then 'Choose default aps by file type' . In there I selected .htm and .html files to open in Google Chrome instead of the Avast browser.


I'm glad to hear it's working now! Thank you for taking the time to post an update with your solution. I'm sure those who find this thread while searching for a solution to the same problem will be very grateful.

Regards, Per