Help!!! Liquid measuring

Hi All

I Need some help please

I`m very new to Arduino and Electronics to start off with so please be gentle…

I need to make a Liquid measuring pump to measure liquid soap, I don’t even have a clue what to look for or where to start searching.

I receive them in 25 Liter drums and the need to be transferred in 1 Liter increments to 25 Liter drums for dilution.

I have a Uno I believe this will be sufficient.

Spec that it has to have.

  • Wall mountable
  • Liquid crystal display : time / date / total liters transferred / actively displaying the quantity as its being transferred.
  • Auto ON / OFF : so push to start will auto stop on 1 Liter or 1000 ML
  • Battery backup to keep data when power is off
  • Downloadable CSV etc. reports that shows : time / date / total liters transferred

Please assist with any information. Will greatly be appreciated.

Kind Regards

A gear motor with an encoder to measure revolutions connected to a peristaltic pump can measure out liquid pretty accurately.

peristaltic pump

You need to break it down to small parts and get each working. This is going to take some time with your lack of experience.

  1. Mounting is up to your mechanical ability.
  2. Learn to read a Real Time Clock,
    Learn to program an LCD display.
    Learn to read a counter for the volume.
  3. Learn how to read the button and loop until the count (volume) is dispensed.
  4. Learn how to connect and control the backup battery.
  5. Learn how to write to a SD card and download to a PC when required.

We will help you but we do not do the project for you. There is a lot of information under the Learning tab above and you can Search in the box at the top of this page.