HELP make a PIR sensor notify an phone when it dectects movement


I want to make a system that sends a notification/message to a phone (Android, iPhone) when a PIR sensor detects movement, It could mabye be through IFFFT ??

A guy helped me out with the setup, which is a PIR sensor and a Oak. (OAK by Digistump)
I Need some guidiance on how to make the code work for sending such a notification, when movement (change in value on the PIR sensor) is dectected.


No clue what OAK is.. you didnt provide a link.. (and I don feel like doing any leg work)

What is IFFFT? Maybe you mean IFTTT (IF This, Then That?)

your phone would have to 'call out' to the service to see if the data was updated/changed... no?

To send a TEXT message to a phone. you can use a SIM900 based shield.. (SEEED Studios GPRS Shield works fine for this)

This Is a Oak (- YouTube)

Mabye look at the post I made here,2191.0.html

I mean IFTTT yes

decide what 'web service' you want to go with.. and see if they offer any sort of 'mobile phone' notification options in their 'triggers'..etc

since this is a wifi device.. and not a GPRS/SMS type device..

you could probably just make a simple PHP script, that you can 'connect to' (send data to).. that triggers an email being sent..

(I think there are even 'email addresses' that can be used with phone numbers (not sure if things are still like that?)