HELP: Making a 4 button lock with Arduino ? ? ?

First off, I am completely new to the Arduino "world".

I see this little "slice of technology" can be used in many various applications. My project : Can it be used along with 4 push button-switches as a type of "digital lock" where as a correct 4-button sequence has to entered to open or close a relay ?

Again, I am totally new and have no idea on how to build, program ( if needed ) a Arduino. I DO HOWEVER have 25 years plus of electronic gaming repair under my belt. So I am electronically able, just never heard of Arduino until now.

What is needed ? Do I need to program this thing ? I can read schematics which would also be a BIG help.

Thank you, I am really interested in building some projects using Arduino.


Yes, this can be easily done with the Arduino - there are plenty of examples on this site, in the forums, etc - to show you everything you need to do; you would have to supply your own coding and such (but there are plenty of examples and tutorials and such on that as well).

Good luck.


Thanks. Where should I start to look ?

Seriously - go to the top, check out the reference, the libraries, the playground (useful for code/schematics and such in custom uses). Also, check out the examples in the Arduino IDE (bounceless switch will be useful for your app).

Do some google searches: "arduino digital lock relay" would be a good search starting point.

Lastly - don't cross post.


WOW! I just went to their website. This is great ! TONS of info there. Thanks a bunch.....